Hello Sitter: Childcare (NYC) App Reviews

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Holy Mackerel! Love love love.

Wow! With HelloSitter, it was easier to book last minute sitters in New York City while on vacation than it is back home in Nashville with no app. I booked two sitters over the course of two days. Both responded and took my job offer within seconds of my posting the jobs — Before I even left for New York! Both sitters were awesome in every way. My husband and I loved that we could go out for “boring grown-up stuff” while great sitters took our girls to the Central Park Zoo and the Natural History Museum and pizza parlors (while we parents went to candlelight white linen spots.) The whole family was happy!

Sitter cancelled and no support reply

I’ve been waiting now 5 hours for support to contact me - I have no sitter for work tomorrow since their sitter confirmed and then cancelled.

Terrible service

In the beginning this service/app was good. Now unfortunately, the babysitters cancel last minute before you have a chance to book another sitter, they average around 15 minutes late, in other cases 45 minutes. They are NEVER on time. Customer service is non-existent. There is not a way to get a hold of them, you will go ignored. If you try to book a sitter and no one responds and you cancel, they will charge you $45 for simply cancelling. You are supposed to trust your children with these people????

Poor help

I never got my problem solved. I just gave up.

User friendly and good matches

App is very user friendly and the profiles of the sitters are clear. I like the rating reviews.

Great idea but..

So, this app is wonderfully easy to use. However, I made a booking days in advance, the sitter confirmed and then cancelled in the middle of the night less than 12 hours before the booking. HelloSitter let me know I had time to rebook, but there are no guarantees that the sitters will accept and this leaves us in a lurch and out money as we booked tickets to a movie in good faith. I’ve contacted customer service through email and the app and I’ve not heard anything. If parents get charged for last minute cancellations (totally fair!) I think HelloSitter should also compensate parents who were cancelled on at the last minute.

Not impressed

Website says that you are booked once you select the sitters, since you will only see available sitters for that day. It also says that you can get a sitter in minutes. Funny, cause I “booked” at 10 am, and waited all day for a response, confirmation, or something. Only after I emailed customer service at 8 pm to see what was happening did they cancel my booking, with a stock text saying that no one was available. Not even a response to my email. Then why did they say those sitters were available? Would they have ever let me know, if I didn’t email myself. Now I’m screwed, because I wasted an entire day, while I could have been pursuing other leads. Thanks for being a big waste of my time!! DISAPPOINTING!!!

Best service

I trust this service to find me great nannies or sitters at the last minute. Every caregiver has been better than amazing and have taken the worry out of filling in for when I need help the most (nanny is sick, last minute biz meeting). Can’t recommend this enough for moms in the NYC area.


Very confusing to use.

Badly developed UI

App doesn’t allow me to enter correct age of my child.

Great- was nervous at first but been a lifesaver!

Was a bit nervous about booking someone to take care of our child, but it's been great every time we've used them. Have used in hamptons and city +10 times between my wife and I. Would recommend to friends

Great experience!

We had a great experience our first time out. Hello Sitter provided a wonderful young lady that took care of our 3yr and 1 yr old for a nine hour day. Great experience and great app!

Highly recommend!!!

I'm so happy I gave this app a try. I have used it over 20 times in all different types of situations. I've hired sitters to stay in my office while I worked with my newborn (I also got to know them). I've hired sitters during my dinner parties at home and after I began getting comfortable with the app, I began hiring sitters weekly. My schedule is extremely sporadic and this app has helped me tremendously. I jumped on board as soon as I saw it mentioned on the Today show. The sitters are amazing with my kids and my daughter has a handful of favorites. Expect your sitter to be super engaging and not in their phone (thank goodness).

This app is a lifesaver!

Fantastic service. Would recommend to anyone looking for a quality babysitter on somewhat short notice. Have only had positive experiences using it thus far. Great app!!!


What a lifesaver this was!! Very easy to use and overall an amazing app! This is a must have for all parents


Friend showed me this and it is amazing. Great app and easy to use. Highly recommend it to all.

Easy to use

Easy to use! Great app!

Easy to use app, fantastic babysitters

Before Hello Sitter, I had to text multiple sitters and wait to hear back before making any plans. I really had to painstakingly schedule any dates, appointments, and events and there was no room for spontaneity. With the Hello Sitter app, I can book experienced sitters instantly and with as little as an hour's notice. It's made going out so much easier--more like it was before kids! The app is easy to use and they give you a few choices of babysitters based on what you are looking for. You can read through their profiles and choose the one you like best. Plus you can favorite sitters so they show up when they're available. All of the payments are handled through the app so I never have to worry about getting cash to pay the sitter. Plus you add your kids' info like bedtimes and snack preferences so you don't have to write it all out every time you get a sitter-- the babysitter you pick can see it all in her booking info. It's a free app and there is no registration fee for the Hello Sitter service which is so nice. All of the sitters have been really great, all have been in their 20s and had college degrees and were just really nice women (they do have men too but I haven't booked any of them yet). Recommend this app to any NYC parent or visitor who needs reliable, experienced childcare.

better than pepper pig

the sitters here are great and my daughter loves them more than pepper pig.

The best!

I initially used hello sitter when my nanny called in sick and needed someone last minute. Since then it is my first choice - date night, when my meetings run late and weekend day times when I need to sleep in :) The sitters are all amazing and I don't feel any mom guilt because my 4 year old is always asking when they are coming back. The app is incredibly easy to use and takes out all the stress of finding childcare.

Can't sign up as sitter

There is no option to sign up for sitters only login. Please help!!!


I tried to open an account and there's no option to make an account, only to log into one already existing. Am I missing something??

Best App for finding verified babysitters

Hello sitter does what no other baby sitting apps do. Provide me options for verified, background checked babysitters on very short term notice. I use Hello Sitter when my babysitter cancels or I am in a bind. So far every sitter has been top notch and usually I get my same preferred sitter anyways. Kim is GREAT if you can get her!

Amazing app!!

I love this, finally an easy to use app that providers pre-screened sitters that fits your sometimes very random schedule. I especially love the resume fester and the app is very intuitive and easy to use.

The Uber for Babysitters

Simple, elegant, and safe - what is not to love about this app. Schedule a verified babysitter in an hour. Highly recommend!


This app really saved my bacon

High Quality Sitters for my Children! Finally!

One thing I can't find are sitters that I can trust with my children. Thank god this search is finally over. All sitters are CPR trained and hand picked by the Hello Sitter team. I'm so comfortable that I've regularly had their experienced sitters watch my children. I couldn't be happier! ANY parent would LOVE this service!! Highly recommend!!!


Can't believe it's this easy! Thank you hello sitter for giving me my social life back! :)

Excellent service, beautiful well designed app!

Simple to use and solves my child care needs, definitely recommend to all parents out there!


Very useful app. My nanny got sick, and Hello Sitter helped in a pinch. I will surely use it again.

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